An app that just says ‘Yo’. That is all.

This must be some sort of joke? Who on earth would bother with that, with all the apps out there and the limited time we have in a day.


Ok. So it’s quite good. Doesn’t say much, but sometimes the less words, the more powerful they are. Or so my copywriter once told me.


It’s the most ridiculous concept, it might never last, but … someone has created an app. It’s taken the world by cyber storm (for now). You download, find your friends and simply send a friendly ‘Yo’ when you need them to know you care, or when you’re ready for them to attend a meeting, or when it’s time to head to lunch, or when you’ve seen they need a little voice to speak out from their phone and say ‘Yo’ … just because!

It’s simple, direct and sometimes all you need to get the message across. What will become of ‘Yo’? I don’t know.

Check it out, before it’s too late. Yo.

Author: Georgie Butler, Account Manager