With great data comes great responsibility.

Some very restrictive global trends are surfacing regarding the collection, storage and use of personal data. For direct marketers the implications of this are huge and it’s important that we don’t end up with similar legislation in New Zealand – affecting our ability to talk to customers, and take goods and services to the market.

For this reason, the Marketing Association (MA) has developed an initiative called the Data Warranty Register (DWR). The DWR system will provide best-practice transparency relating to the collection, storage and use of data by New Zealand businesses. The DWR will apply to all data providers, data enrichment service providers and organisations collecting, storing and using personal and/or customer information, whether for their internal use or making it available to others for marketing purposes. The MA is intending to demonstrate to the government that the marketing industry is capable of self-regulating in the data space.

The DWR Trustmark has been developed to give consumers confidence that NZ organisations warranted to display the symbol have committed to storing and using their personal information in accordance with best practice standards and legislation in New Zealand. Compliance with the DWR will be monitored through annual data declarations and random audits to ensure its requirements are being maintained.

All businesses collecting, storing and using personal data for marketing purposes are encouraged to apply for the DWR Trustmark. To do so, download the Data Declaration, complete it and email it to contactus@marketing.co.nz

Author: Gabrielle Gillard