Whats your appitype?

We now have an app for almost anything – ranging from the silly to the really useful. There are apps to manage our finances, trade stocks, shop for clothes, play games, order pizza, learn a language, and even design our dreams….

As smartphone adoption in NZ pushes 44%, app consumption is racing ahead too. On average NZ smartphone users have downloaded 25 apps per device, with approximately nine apps used in the last 30 days. And as our mobile becomes the centre of our universe our relationship with them has shifted from occasional use to reliance.

What I find interesting is that as individuals gather more and more apps, we begin to get an idea of their unique needs, personality and interests. The same way you might gauge someone’s interests by their bookshelf (or worst yet, what’s inside their fridge) our app collection reflects our differences and similarities. So here’s where we have a bit of fun. I haven’t been able to scour the entire 500k+ database of iTunes apps, but I’ve had a stab at creating a few appitypes based on the key segments and what I think represent most of us.

The Lifestyler – You’re inquisitive and proud of the assortment of apps that enhance your lifestyle and wellbeing. You enjoy the community element that comes with the hobbies you are most passionate about. Maybe its Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals recipe app or the Glutenfree Eating Directory to help you choose the right food and recipes for your diet. Fitness wise you might alternate between Nike+ running, Yoga STRETCH or Men’s Health Workouts. Trademe, Pinterest , tripadvisor, timeout and Flicks are also favourites.

The Gamer – Often the most enthusiastic consumer of apps, you’re always up for a challenge. At any spare moment (be it at the bus stop, waiting for a date or in between meetings) you’ll squeeze in a game of Angry birds or their most recent addition Space.  Stacie from the J1 studio is getting right into The Tribez and Air Mail. If you’ve got kids The Monster at the End of This Book, Temple Run, Princess Fairy Tale Maker and Farm 123 are sure to keep them entertained.

The Geek – Your apps are your tool belt, you fancy them as your personal assistant and whip them out whenever possible. Whether it’s TomTom NZ for GPS, banking and utilites management apps, alarm clock and timer for cooking, iTorch4 for sourcing lost toys & jewellery or ihandy level for hanging pictures on your wall.

The Socialite – You love sharing your passions, promotions, creative pursuits and everything in between with your friends and wider community. Your must haves include Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and our most recent office favourite, Spotify, for endless hours of music streaming and sharing.

The Enquirer – You’ve got an investigative streak and like knowing the facts whether it be for your own learning or for forming arguments.  These apps enable you to get your daily dose of news, fact and information from multiple sources including BBC, Wikipedia, The NZ Herald, TechCrunch, HBR Today, Dictonary.com, TED for inspiring talks, FastCompany, Weather Channel

Nokia’s 2011 survey found that “Germans were downloading flashlight and alarm clock apps,” while “Brazilians download lots of music and social networking apps. The Chinese download news apps. South Africans prefer social networking apps. India goes in for business apps.” While I haven’t got any facts for NZ, I did manage to do a quick poll around the justONE office. Turns out we’re a practical yet curious bunch – quite fitting for the industry that we’re in.

Our current top five apps are:

  1. Spotify Literally millions of songs at your fingertips. Subscribe for $12.99/month and get music anytime anywhere.
  2. iTorch4 Never get stuck without a torch again!
  3. TED Inspiring, innovative talks.
  4. Instagram Killer photography app with dozens of filters and panorama option – it makes any photo look professional.
  5. Banking apps Bringing banking out of the dark ages. The new mobile money option is also pretty cool.

Other favourites were

  • What To Expect For pregnancy and parenting tips.
  • Night Sky For star gazers – point your phone at the sky and see what planets, stars are out there. 
  • London 2012: Official Olympics App
  • IMDb Information about TV programmes and movies and anyone involved in them. Great for trivia arguments about who was in which movie etc.
  • djay Mix your tracks together automatically based on bpm or do the mixing/ scratching/ whatever yourself manually.
  • Parkopedia Find the nearest car park wherever you are.
  • ASB Property Guide Includes CV information and calculates what the monthly repayments would be based on your deposit, term and rate.
  • itranslate Speak into in one language and it translates it for you into another language – great travel buddy or just great tool for learning another language.
  • ihandy level You just never know when you need a level!
  • Subway® Mobile Easy ordering and rewards for Subway fans  
  • AirNZ mPass Great travel app for busy travellers

So what appitype are you?

Author: Nathalie Philippsen