The united colours of justONE.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Do you think things through thoroughly or rely more on your gut feel? These might be easy questions to answer but what does this say about you and how does this affect your relationships with other people in the work place?

Apparently the answer for both questions is: ‘a lot.’

Recently a few justONE-ers attended the Marketing Association’s Industry Relationships: a Master-class in Building Trust seminar where attendees would learn the master keys to becoming trustworthy in the eyes of others. All of the speakers were fantastic but one that really had me hooked was Richard Moat. His presentation “Learn how you earn, sabotage and destroy trust in your relationships, as well as the master keys to becoming trustworthy in the eyes of others” was so interesting everyone was buzzing afterwards.

The main focus was to discover where you sat within the matrix of Introvert vs Extrovert and Thinking vs Feeling. Each quarter was assigned a colour – red for extroverted thinkers, yellow for extroverted feelers, green for introverted feelers and blue for introverted thinkers. Then typical characteristics, strengths, areas for development, traits when interacting, work or home environment, style when talking and miscellaneous likes and dislikes were discussed.

Now I don’t want to regurgitate the whole seminar but I will share with you that I’m a ‘yellow.’ Those of you who have attended Richard’s seminar will undoubtedly groan and mutter, “typical yellow,” as one of the characteristics of a Yellow is that we often like talking about ourselves. Personally I think that’s perfectly fine, we’re exciting and fun – who wouldn’t want to listen! But I digress. Other Yellow characteristics, among many others, include being involved, gregarious, flamboyant, out-spoken, bold, active, personal, considerate and relationship-focussed. Now it’s not all roses being Yellow. Apparently on a bad day Yellows can be over-opinionated, easily distracted and rebellious! Typical strengths of a Yellow are being cheerful, uplifting, spirited, buoyant, friendly and dynamic and to connect with a Yellow others need to be friendly, sociable and willing to discuss our dreams (seriously, that’s what we were told). Yellows typically don’t get along with Blues who are the direct opposite in the matrix and are introverted, quiet, logical, formal and objective. They don’t relate to us Yellows passionately waving our arms around in conversation and would rather it formally presented in writing with consideration of all the facts. Pffft. Blues!

But it’s important to remember that a successful business needs all the colours of the matrix. The Reds who are bold and determined are often found at the top management level of the company, while Yellows are typically the client service team, Greens you might find in the human resource department and Blues might be sitting in finance paying your wages! Richard’s seminar helped us understand each type of person and how we can interact with them in the best possible way and get them to ‘buy what we’re selling.’ No matter what colour you think you might be, if you are ever given the opportunity to attend his seminar – do it!

Author: Abbi Hopkinson