The mobile world.

A few of the justONE team recently went along to the Marketing Association’s Brainy Breakfast which focused on key trends in mobile marketing, including what actually matters when you design your mobile marketing strategy across mobile web and apps.

We all know the mobile channel is dramatically changing the customer experience and redefining the touchpoints within the journey, so here is some food for thought.

Be mobile ready.

For some businesses it isn’t the best cost decision to create an app, but what we do know is its imperative to have your website optimised for mobile now.  Here’s why:

–          the mobile channel has bigger uptake than online

–          Google PENALISES sites that are not optimised for mobile

–          44% of the NZ population have Smartphones

–          46% access the internet every day on their Smartphone and most never leave home without it.

Implication: Mobile readiness must be a priority to be connected to your customers.

–          80% of Smartphone users use their phone while doing other things, such as watching TV (54%).

Implication: Utilise advertising to include integrated cross-media campaigns – make the most of mobile.

–          80% of Smartphone users look for local information on their phone and 88% of those take action as a result.

Implication: If you are not mobile ready, you miss out. Make sure phone numbers are clickable and your website can be read on a mobile screen.

–          66% of people research products on their Smartphones before buying.

Implication: Having a mobile optimised site is critical and a cross-channel strategy is needed to engage consumers across the multiple paths to purchase.

App development.

If you’re confident that your customers will receive value from an app, and in return add value to your business, get onboard or you may lose out.

What should you consider?

For optimal usability, focus on the context of the user and human behaviour when developing your app. Does it provide what they need it to? User empathy is crucial – how are you making life easier/faster/more entertaining for the consumer?

Rough development costs per 1,000 reach:

  • Website for mobile $50 –the most bang for your buck!
  • Android app $100
  • Apple iPhone app $280

Key takeouts.

  1. Be mobile ready – get going now, don’t wait and allow your customers to have no/a poor mobile experience with your brand.
  2. Know what your customers want – cross medium experiences.
  3. Understand the barriers – test & test again.

“More customer interactions across more touch points are shaping the degree of engagement a customer feels with your company. The critical barrier to harnessing the potential value in this shift is organisational—companies that learn to design and execute effective customer-engagement strategies will have the advantage; the others will lose ground”.


Want some great stats?

Tom’s highlight of the breakfast: just enter what you want to measure then check it out every-which-way on mobile.

For attention grabbing statistics:

To find out more about our ‘mobile planet’ in New Zealand, or to better understand other markets:  It’s  worth downloading the full report.

Author: Gabrielle Gillard