The great cook off.

Last week the Genesis Energy team together with .99 and justONE combined forces for a night of cooking and culinary delights. There was definitely an element of Master Chef meets My Kitchen Rules in the air as we gathered around our wonderful host and chef Sonya Oyston. On the menu for the night was:

  • Lamb or Chicken Tandoori Spiced Kebabs with Raita
  • Vietnamese Mint & Vegetable Rice Paper Rolls
  • Green Pea Fritter, Smoked Salmon And Horseradish Crème Fraiche
  • Herb Crusted Chicken and Remoulade
  • Rich Chocolate Brownies.

As Sonya  demonstrated how we grill, chop, mix and present these gorgeous dishes, the team feverishly took notes.

In groups of four we set to work creating our dishes. First we fired up the stove for the grilled kebabs, and herb and polenta crusted chicken. The knives came out for finely slicing veges and divine smelling herbs for the Vietnamese rolls. Dark chocolate was chopped and melted for our brownie cake, and finally peas were smashed and mixed into an exotic paste for the chickpea and salmon fritters.

Within the hour (and a wine or two down) we had our masterpieces on display and ready to eat. Everything was delicious, fresh and so much more enjoyable knowing that we had made it ourselves. It was a great evening had by all and I couldn’t recommend it enough as a team building exercise or a bit of fun with friends.

To sample some of the recipes, download them here.
Bon appétit!

Author: Nathalie Philippsen