Super Bowl: It’s all about the ads.


For me (and I’m sure many others), a huge part of the excitement for the Super Bowl is the ads.

Yes, the ads.

With 40+ advertisers all vying for the spotlight, and a television audience of over 110 million, it makes for some pretty creative and out-there ads. It’s no wonder that the Superbowl has been dubbed the most watched TV programme ever.

I admit, I’m always the first person to flick channels to avoid ads but in this situation I’m the one glued to the television screen waiting for the ads to appear and searching for any pre-releases. The ads surrounding the Super Bowl are always hotly anticipated and, more often than not, there are always a couple that are highly controversial. Advertisers can pay anywhere from $4 million upwards to secure a 30 second spot that will ensure millions of consumers will see their ad.

The Super Bowl ads usually consist of some of the major players such as Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Go Daddy and a few other family favourites, but theres always a couple of new kids on the block every year. So I’ve picked a couple of my personal favourites of 2015 to share with you.

Always (P&G), Like a Girl

I think that this is one of the most powerful ads playing at the Super Bowl this year, and it’s also my hands-down favourite. Although a longer 3 minute version of this went viral last year, it was so successful that P&G decided to shorten it for the Super Bowl. This condensed 30 second ad features playground taunts about people doing actions such as running or throwing ‘like a girl’.

What I love about this ad is that it raises the issue of when this turned into a demeaning phrase in our society. Many of us I’m sure are guilty of using this phase, myself included, but I never actually stopped to think about the effects of that. The aim of this is for us to recognise that to do something ‘like a girl’ can mean to do amazing things.

Snickers (Mars Inc), The Brady Bunch

The concept around this one isn’t too different from what we have seen in their other adverts, but the hype leading up to the release of the ad made it all the more exciting. Mars hasn’t previously released their Super Bowl ads early but this year they promised to reveal the whole ad when they received 2.5million engagements on social media. Needless to say this didn’t take long and you can view the ad for yourself .
What made me choose this one above the countless others is that you never know what, or who, you’re going to get with the Snickers ads. They all follow a similar pattern, but I love the suspense that you never quite know who’s going to feature. The fact that they released the ad early due to such a large response from the audience also shows that we may not have to wait as long for our content if other advertisers follow suit next year.

I wonder whether the changing technology and access that we have to the Super Bowl (which is restricted in some areas) means that at some point consumers will be driven online to view the ads and as a result the Super Bowl game may become irrelevant to many of us? Time will tell.

Author: Alana Stretton, Account Executive