Social Participation vs the Zombie apocalypse.

For some clients jumping into social media can be about as scary as leaving the house during a zombie apocalypse.

Angry customers can swarm at any moment, dragging you down and tearing your brand apart in a frenzy of tweets, posts and gifs.

But there is another way. Rather than run out the front door, how about just taking a few pot shots from an upstairs window?

Many companies are using social media to extend a campaign without fully leaping into the fray.

At a recent Clemenger Group digital seminar we were shown an extremely useful graph (fig.1) when trying to figure out if you should (or even need) to be the first out the door.

Looking at your company culture and brand’s engagement with customers can tell you whether a simple shareable content strategy is right for you or if you should transform your company with a top to bottom social ethos.

The point is identifying where you sit on the spectrum and creating effective communications that are right for your company and your customers.

Below is a case study for the NRMA in Australia. How they created a campaign with a short-term commitment to listening/creating/energising activity. They sought a lower-order participation behaviour e.g. seeking a ‘share’ versus a ‘comment’. And the campaign used predominately brand-generated content.


NRMA Car Creation
The result was undeniably successful and won them a Grand Effie in Australia.

So don’t think you have to miss out on all the fun, be it social participation or the zombie apocalypse, just pick your battle ground appropriately.

Author: Stuart Hinds, Creative Director – justONE
With thanks to Heather Albrecht of Digital Connec6ons Pty Ltd