Press Release: justONE appointed CRM partner agency for Foodstuffs New Zealand

Leading New Zealand one-to-one and specialist Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & loyalty agency, justONE, has been appointed to work with Foodstuffs on their brand portfolio.

“justONE has a proven track record working in loyalty marketing. Getting them on board as we start to shape our customer engagement programme will help ensure we deliver the best possible solutions to our customers,” commented Steve Bayliss, Group General Manager Marketing for Foodstuffs New Zealand.  “justONE’s understanding of retail loyalty and the need to develop strong long-term strategic value in this space will be a real asset.”

“Globally, the supermarket category is particularly innovative in terms of understanding and encouraging customer loyalty. In fact many would say, supermarkets are leading innovations in this space. The opportunity to create tools that allow us to optimize the customer’s experience is huge. Being able to work with an organization such as Foodstuffs which has large numbers of customer contacts everyday opens the door for us to create new platforms which will allow consumers to shop more efficiently, making their experience more enjoyable,” commented justONE Managing Director, Ben Goodale.

justONE has a proven history working  with a number of leading New Zealand retailers including Farmers, Subway, Farmlands and Ziera. justONE recently won gold at the New Zealand RSVP Awards for their work on Farmers Club and Subway’s SUBCARD.