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pinterestPinterest – it’s the buzz word on the lips of every social media user, blogger and marketer at the moment. But while it’s new and exciting, does it really bear fruit for all businesses? With a fresh brew of ‘African Cream’ tea, and the all-knowing World Wide Web at my fingertips, I set about searching for some of the more obscure (yet relevant) uses of this visually eclectic collection of online ‘Pinboards’.

For those that aren’t quite up with the play on Pinterest yet, by definition it’s an image-focused social network that basically allows users to collect images from across the internet to display and share with other members on themed ‘Pinboards’. Pinterest’s mission is to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting”. Members can create different boards to reflect unique themes such as events, interests, hobbies, travel and more. Users can browse other ‘Pinboards’ for inspiration, ‘Repin’ images to their own collections and/or ‘Like’ photos. Pinterest allows its users to share ‘Pins’ on both Twitter and Facebook, which allows users to share and interact with a wider online social community

Pinterest is proving to be a great way for businesses to feature new products, convey their brand personality and extend their social reach through collections of impressive and inspiring images. However, delving a little deeper, I was surprised to find a myriad of other creative ways that the latest social media tool is being used. I’ve outlined a handful of these below.

Pinterest for positions.
Who would have thought that Pinterest could be in the top of the toolbox when it comes to attracting high calibre job candidates? Here’s five ways Pinterest is being used to recruit:
1) Build a Pinboard for each job – targeted images, job description screen shots, sharing examples of the key values and skills required for the specific available role.
2) Pin multimedia – upload video clips of employees in action, giving potential candidates an inside look at day-to-day operations.
3) Promote company culture and values – culture is easily the most important quality candidates consider when applying for a new job. If you want to attract the ‘right’ sort of person that will fit well within your business, Pinterest is a great way of visually sharing the unique aspects of your corporate culture.
4) Adopt trends – Pinterest users like to find fashionable content. Pin a cute interview outfit to get potential candidates clicking through to the job applicant board.
5) Connect – encourage conversation and make sure that your company can be easily contacted.

Pinterest for prizes.

Recently I’ve been intrigued by how brands and businesses are using Pinterest to run competitions. People love giveaways, so competitions are a great way of not only engaging your current followers but also providing an incentive for a new, previously untapped user base to connect and interact with your company. Competitions can be set up to see who gets the most ‘Repins’ of an image on your board, or simply go into the draw by ‘Repinning’ an image from the competition Pinboard – with Pinterest linked to users’ Facebook and Twitter accounts, the Pins and competition engagement spread far and wide.

Pinterest and popcorn.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, does a video speak a million? Pinterest has recently updated their capabilities so users can ‘Pin’ video clips straight from YouTube and Vimeo. These videos can then be viewed directly from Pinboards This is great news for media savvy brands who can now share more interactive visual and audio elements with followers.

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Author: Tom Hewlett is an Account Exective at justONE. He also moonlights as Chief of The J1 Tea Brewing Society.