Love thy creatives.

I’ve been asked by clients many times over the years “how do I get the best from my creatives?”. I always give them the same six pointers and here they are again for the uninitiated:

1. Put time into getting the brief right upfront. There’s nothing more frustrating for creatives than you using the first creative presentation as an opportunity to cement your thinking. You’ve just wasted a whole lot of their time and creative energy.

2. Be spontaneous. If you really like the work that’s presented, say so. If you really like the work that’s presented but it’s not quite right, say so and explain what’s not working for you. If you hate it, say so and explain what’s not working for you. Deathly silence is worse.

3. Don’t be afraid of robust discussion. Good creatives will always defend their work and you’ll always have an opinion on it. That’s as it should be. Respect their input and they’ll respect yours.

4. Remove personal preference. “I’ve never liked green” doesn’t make it wrong. But it does infuriate your creative team.

5. Tell us what’s not working, don’t do our job. There’s no point having a dog and barking yourself. Just be clear about your feedback and we’ll handle the art direction and copy revisions. Receiving clients’ layouts scribbled on a notepad or rewritten copy is a sure fire way to get your creatives’ backs up.

6. Finally, know we’re on the same team. Don’t treat us as the enemy trying to trick you by stealth into running work that will win us awards but do you no favours. We’re living in the age of advertising effectiveness – great work gets great results.

Author: Drew is Creative Director of justONE