Let’s get emotional about digital


Can digital engage customers emotionally?
Marketers know their content needs to engage customers emotionally to make an impact, as most day-to-day purchasing decisions are emotional rather than rational. But not all marketers believe digital can do this – likely a hangover from the early days of digital when it was mostly banners. But digital has moved on to bigger and better things: most notably the uprising of social and online video. Digital has the power to tell brand stories, engage customers emotionally and build brand love.

Customers get emotionally involved in digital everyday
Customers get their emotional fix from digital content like never before. The popularity of cat videos (showing our softer side for furry family members), trending content sites like Buzzfeed (showing our fascination with the weird, wonderful and shared human truths) and TED Talks (challenging us to think bigger) is evidence of this. Emotionally engaging and entertaining content is on tap and we can’t get enough of it.

Brands already making digital emotional

Coke: taps into our desire for ‘human connection’ and ‘random acts of kindness’ via the campaign ‘Share a Coke’

Dove: encourages women to question their negative perception of their own ‘beauty’ in the ‘Real Beauty Sketches’. More than 15 million people viewed the video within a week of its release.

WWF: brought extinction closer to home with the #LastSelfie campaign. Using SnapChat, it showed endangered species vanishing from users screens after the 10 second countdown ended – with the message “Don’t let this be my #LastSelfie”.

Carlsberg: made us think about how far our own friends might go to for us with its “Putting Friends to the Test”.

Taylor Swift: gave a ‘personal’ backstage experience to fans at the filming of her music video via the ‘Blank Space’ App.

If customers spend so much time emotionally engaging in digital for entertainment and brands can grab their attention in this space, why does digital only represent 26% of the total worldwide media spend? Because marketers still underestimate the power of digital – but they won’t for long.

Virginia Bashford, Senior Account Manager