The latest new-season fashion…from Apple?


Early last week the much anticipated Apple Watch was launched, Apple’s ‘most personal device yet’. It’s another great example of how marketing is trending towards personalisation of content and messaging, and Apple appears to be breaking new ground with this latest innovation.

Realise it or not we all love personalisation; from the barrista remembering we take an Americano with cream, to the supermarket alerting us via email that our favourite Sav is on special. Personalisation is more engaging, more relevant. And it makes us like a brand or product even more.

So how personal is this watch and, if it’s as successful as the iPad and iPhone, what impact will it have on how consumers engage with retailers and advertisers?

As the first iPhone compatible smartwatch there appears to be more than a handful of ways to interact with it: from receiving digestible notifications, messages, calls, to physical feedback and the ability to call upon Siri. Rumour has it Facebook, BMW and a few other heavyweights already have compatible apps in the pipeline.

It also has the ability to satisfy current social needs to track nutritional and fitness activity. With capabilities to track HR and activity more easily with seamless integration, the device opens the door for large companies to collect more data, and target nutritional and fitness deals to consumers.

We could see the launch revolutionise payment models both in store and online. My observation – essentially once Apple do it, its pretty likely to become an industry standard. If we look to our technological leaders out East, mobile payments are the new norm. Which is good news for marketers with less barriers to purchase.

Apple Watch creates another touch point for marketers to contact consumers. Leveraging this new medium in an intelligent way is the challenge, and it’ll be interesting to observe the trials and successes. Watch this space.

Author: Kate Cowie, Account Manager

With thanks to a for the image