Ladies Nights (plus Tom).

[youtube video=”rW1rZAB8syI” width=”640″ height=”360″ /]

Farmlands hold a series of ‘Ladies Nights’ each year where they travel to rural towns and put on a bit of a show just for their female Shareholders. Last year the theme was ‘Secrets of the Style Doctor’ with stylist Jackie O’Fee, this year it’s ‘Tips and Quips with the Cuddly Cook’ hosted by Annabelle White.

On Wednesday night Tom and I attended the Pukekohe Ladies Night  – a brave call by Tom given the name of the event, but we knew there would be a few male Farmlands staff members there so we figured he shouldn’t stand out too much.

Oh how wrong we were! Despite sitting upstairs at the back Annabelle zeroed in on Tom within a few minutes. When she asked what brought him to Ladies Night he responded with a quip of his own, “I heard you were going to be here Annabelle”. There was a collective swoon from the over 300 middle aged women in the audience (including Annabelle) and from then on they were putty in his hands. Annabelle called him up on stage for a wee skit which was met with rapturous applause (see video).

As we mingled around after the show it became clear that ‘Tommy’ had become a bit of a celebrity. Almost everyone who walked past him had a comment to make: “How’d you like that Tommy?”; “Give us a look at your undies”; “You’re a good sport Tommy”.

Even in the carpark as we were leaving, people were winding down their windows to yell out “Goodnight Tommy!”.

I think we might need to start a Facebook page for ‘Tommy’…

Author: Amy Morrison