K is for krazy.

For over six years justONE has held court on the eclectic and colourful Karangahape Road. As our time draws near to say goodbye to this crazy neighbourhood, we’ve been reflecting on what we’ll most miss about it.

We’ll miss the best coffee in Auckland from Eighthirty.
We’ll miss the trail of confetti from Caluzzi to our office.
We’ll miss the colourful characters that roam the street.
We’ll miss our bird’s eye view of the overbridge bus stop.
We’ll miss lunch at the Hard Luck Café.
We’ll miss our favourite sushi from Fusion.
We’ll miss the value for money meals from the Hare Krishna restaurant.
We’ll of course miss the famous roti curry from Sri Pinang.
We’ll miss op shopping at the Paper Bag Princess for hidden gems.
We’ll miss browsing at Iko Iko at lunchtime.
We’ll miss the amazing Dahi Puri from Satya.
We’ll miss the oversized pizzas from Sals.
We’ll miss having the occasional glass of wine at Verona.
We’ll miss the chilli beef from Renkon on a cold day.
We’ll miss the delicious food and wine at Coco’s Cantina.

Catch ya later K’ Rd. It’s been a blast.

Georgie Butler is a justONE Account Manager and avid K’ Rd supporter.