It’s all about me.

Birthdays are the perfect time to share the love, make amends and treat that special person to something nice. We all know how to do it with our friends, but when it comes to businesses – well, they’re still a bit behind the eight ball.

Google surprised me today with my very own birthday homepage. It’s not rocket science, we know they’ve got the details, it’s the fact that they’re using it! And lets face it, having your name up in lights for the day is kinda nice.

I often think about all the personal information that brands have about me and how easy it would be to use and acknowledge my relationship with them. A “we miss you” if I haven’t been to the gym in a while, a surprise discount for tenure, VIP status for spending loads, access to a new season in store showing are just a few that come to mind.

Customer appreciation is a rare commodity, which also makes it valuable. It really does count when you reach out to customers with something other than an invoice or sales brochure. We are more inclined to share the experience with our friends, repeat purchase and probably stick with you a little longer too.

So the next action you take, make it count – and if you can, make it about “me”.

Author: Nathalie Philippsen