How’s your organic reach?

If you’ve noticed a decline in the organic reach of your Facebook Brand Page this year, you’re not alone. Facebook updates its Edgerank regularly to ensure more relevant content is displayed in News Feeds. Updates late last year seem to have resulted in a loss of organic reach for many large brand pages. Social media commentators are reporting a loss of around 40%. This means if you were reaching 16% of your fans before, you are probably only reaching about 10% now. In some of the worst cases, brands are finding they are reaching only 3% of their fans!

And it’s only going to get worse. Facebook states “People are connecting to more Pages and individuals every day. And each day, more brands and organisations are posting on Facebook. As a result, we expect organic distribution of an individual Page’s posts to gradually decline over time as we continually work to make sure people have a meaningful experience on the site”*.

What this means for your Brand Page.

Unfortunately, as there is more competition than ever for space on your fans’ News Feeds, you may need to pay for reach if there is a piece of content you really want your fans to see.

Now, more than ever, producing engaging content must be your number one priority. Only post when you have something to say rather than posting for the sake of increasing your reach through higher frequency.

Quick tips to increase organic reach:
• keep sales messages to a minimum as these messages deliver less engagement than social content;
• upload more than one photo into your posts. Some brands have seen higher organic reach when taking this approach. Try this out for yourself and see if you find the same results;
• share relevant articles from media organisations (e.g. Buzzfeed) with your fans as Facebook has increased the ranking of content that includes a link to an article;
• tag other (relevant) pages within your content. If your post contains another Brand Page that your fans also like, they’ll be more likely to see your content than if it just came from you alone.

Author: Virginia Bashford
*Facebook for business’ whitepaper: Generating business results on Facebook.