How many of your fans are really seeing your Facebook posts?

It used to be that on average about 16% of your fans would see any one of your posts on Facebook. However, in September this year, Facebook made changes which have further decreased the visibility of many companies’ posts on their fans’ news feeds. Some companies are only noticing the effects of this change now. What this means is that now more than ever, your Facebook posts must be thoughtful and engaging.

How does Facebook determine whether your post is shown on a fan’s news feed?

Edgerank. What’s this? An ever-changing, confidential algorithm that determines the quality of your post and which of your fans’ news feeds it should be posted on. There is no definitive list of what it currently takes into account, but generally it looks at:

• affinity: the relationship between you and the fan (e.g. how frequently the fan views your page, engages with your posts etc)

• weight: the type and amount of engagement your particular post is getting (e.g. if your fans are commenting on a post, this post is given more weight than one that only receives likes)

• time decay: the recency of your fans’ engagement with your post (if fans stop commenting/ sharing or liking a post it will show less on your fans’ news feeds).

How can you make your posts more visible to fans?

Make your posts engaging: posts that fans will like, share and comment on. Higher engagement levels from your fans contribute to a higher edgerank and therefore more fans will see your post on their news feed.

How do you make more engaging content?

Think to yourself: would I like, comment or share this? If not, would your fans? Ask interesting questions that invite debate, show eye-catching photos and upload entertaining videos that fans will want to pass onto their friends.

How often should I post?

There is no hard and fast rule. Some companies post every day, some post twice a day and some post once a week. Experiment with posts at different times of the day and different days of the week to see if any day/time gets more engagement than others. Keep an eye on the number of fans that ‘like’ your page and make sure this number is always increasing.

If you post something that doesn’t get much engagement, it’s not likely to be seen by very many fans so don’t be afraid to post something new again soon. If on the other hand you have a particularly engaging post that is receiving a good amount of likes, comments and shares, consider allowing this post to work harder – don’t replace it with a new post until a time where it stops receiving engagement from fans.

Author: Virginia Bashford