Giving paper an interactive edge.

The sound of taste

I stumbled across this article a few months ago and was captivated by the idea that we could turn paper into a medium that users could interact with like a smartphone or tablet.

Grey London, print production and software developer Novalia created a poster with conductive inks. The ink acts like a touch screen that pick up the electrical signals from fingers and can send signals to your phone or speakers. In this case viewers were able to strum music by touching the paper.

Last year to celebrate NZ Music Month and the Lion’s brand sponsorship, Becks presented to the NZ public “the world’s first playable posters’. 100 posters went up at 60 street poster sites allowing people to play and hear new tracks.

These campaigns breathe new life into paper and are an example of how technology can steer new engaging and creative opportunities.

Author: Kelly Elcock, Graphic Designer