First year working in advertising: How to survive.

Let me set the scene. You’ve recently finished your studies and know you want to work in media, advertising or communications. You’re one of many, many young people wanting to do the same.

That was me one year ago, and thanks to the CAANZ internship programme I was able to launch into advertising head first as an Account Executive at justONE.

I learned a lot in a very short time (and made my share of mistakes), so here are my top 7 ‘survival’ tips to new graduates or interns starting out in the agency world:

1. Listen and contribute – be generous with sharing knowledge and have the backbone to stand by your opinion.

2. You must have an appetite for knowledge – the biggest mistake you can make is thinking that you know it all. Look at what your peers in the industry are doing, use that motivation and competition to create better work.

3. Be a team player – before you leave for the day ask your team what you can do for them. If there’s work to be done, ask them what you can do to make their lives easier!

4. Develop relationships – making key connections at awards, events and business meetings is essential. You will always bump into them again as this is a small industry, so make a good first impression!

5. Be a good person – participate and connect with people and most importantly, add value.

6. Know the industry – be active in increasing your own knowledge of the industry, read blogs, sign up for newsletters, take note of new data and research.

7. Know your clients’ business – be the eyes and ears for them. Visit their shop, browse their website daily and know their business and customers inside out.

You will survive. Good luck.

Author: Selena La Fleur, Account Executive