Farmlands Ballance.

FML0157 BALLANCE Brand ads

Think of the last time when a friend or a colleague leant in and said to you ‘if I tell you a secret, you have to promise not to share it?’ As Kiwis, if we’re on to a good thing we’re usually reluctant to spill the beans but sometimes a secret is too good to keep quiet..

This concept of guarding a secret closely was the basis for the latest Spring/Autumn campaign for our client Farmlands and third-party fertilizer supplier Ballance Agri-Nutrients. Together, they wanted to identify their top shareholders in the country who had seen a real benefit through the Farmlands/Ballance partnership and who would also be keen to reveal their secret to their farming success.

To meet the overarching objective to encourage shareholders to purchase Ballance fertilizer through Farmlands stores, we used ongoing communication during the 3-month campaign in forms of press ads, in store POS, radio, web and DM.

With the campaign drawing to an end, it’s too early to capture any hard metric results, but there has been some great feedback from the shareholders including this from a South Island shareholder, check it out.FML0157 BALLANCE LV DM FML0157-HV-pack-visual2

 Author: Selena La Fleur, Account Executive