Facebook: Brands unbound

Facebook introduced a major overhaul in the way content is presented across its platform last year, an innovation called ‘Timeline’. Timeline is a vertical scrolling chronology of events, actions, status updates and milestones.

At first, Timeline was only available to individual users, but, as of March this year Timeline is rolling out to companies and brands. This marks the most important new feature Facebook has recently presented to brands, significantly changing the way that they approach social engagement with their audiences.

So what are the implications for brands and their marketing efforts?

Timeline allows a brand to tell a deeper story through a variety of ways of using content on a page. Plus for the first time, a brand will be able to receive direct feedback from their fans through private messages, should they wish to enable this function. While these features offer an array of opportunities, there is another layer to consider in the execution of Timeline for the success of a brand.

Strategy – Brands need to extend a human voice for a page that engages fans through consistent and interesting content, valuable experience and real-time interaction. Content and conversation needs to combine to create a more stimulating experience for fans visiting the page. This can be accomplished through a smart use of Facebook real estate – the ability to pin a post to the timeline will demand attention to specific content or feedback.

Creative – From the large cover photo, to custom app icons, to images in posts getting a larger canvas, to the ability to highlight content that expands to full-width, brand pages will be much more visually appealing and provide a wider brand experience. Herein lies an opportunity to leverage the full spectrum and personality of the brand.

Media – There are options available to all levels: from page post ads leveraging sponsored stories, to app activity ads. However the power of the ad is the ability to target exactly the people you are trying to reach, by demographics, location and so on.  Facebook has stretched beyond a social media network, to a media company creating advertising solutions for brands to encompass worldwide.

Getting the most out of Facebook will depend on how well brands maximise the options available…putting up a page with your logo and assigning a ‘manager’ just won’t be enough to get noticed anymore in Facebook’s 800 million channel universe.

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Author: Gabrielle Gillard
With thanks to ‘Facebook’s Timeline Era’ by David Jones and Darrin Patey.