Dont believe everything you see on the Internet (this is an exception).

When you come back to your computer after a short break and gasp at the size of your inbox, it’s not hard to believe that the world’s information is doubling every two years*!

And so the infographic was born – a perfect solution to information overload and the decreasing attention span of the modern world.

The reason infographics remain so popular is, I believe, down to the ease with which they can be shared through social networks. I’m not a prolific social-networker, but I have to admit I’m guilty of sending an extremely quirky infographic about beards around my small group of e-contacts.

In fact, infographics are so popular people are making infographics to better understand infographics.

But even with the plethora of questionable infographic content on the web, there’ll always be room for quality. And it could be argued, when presented as an infographic, it’s hard to doubt a topics veracity.

On that note I’ll leave you with an infographic of our own, one you can trust to be of the highest quality and authentic.

*Don’t quote me, I read it on the Internet.

Author: Stu Hinds, Creative Director