DDO 2015 – Context, relevance and flawless storytelling.

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Will and I attended Digital Day Out hosted by the Marketing Association this week.
The event showcased a diverse range of hot topics, case studies, innovation and success in digital marketing. What sang out loud and clear as a reoccurring theme was ‘context, relevance and flawless storytelling’.

Although I had seen their campaigns before, it was interesting to hear Rachel Prince from the NZ Transport Agency explain the challenges they faced and the rationale for their approach.

The golden nugget, according to Rachel, is to break through the noise by delivering flawless digital experiences with on point content, tone, design and context. By knowing clearly who you need to target – their attitudes, habits and social zones – you’re able to reach them and influence behaviour, just as NZTA did.

Here are two of NZTA’s campaigns that have won multiple awards and reached thousands of people by utilising unexpected digital mediums.

Campaign 1:

NZ Transport Agency had a tough audience to reach – young men that accounted for over half of all speed related crashes in NZ. Instead of a government branded safety message on television they formed a campaign that targeted the audience specifically. Their strategy was to launch an online racing game ‘FLASH’, where the user would experience their own death as a result of their speeding. The user had to log in with their Facebook where algorithms pulled pictures of friends they were in most contact with. These images we’re used as memory flashes during the crash. Instead of blasting safety messages on traditional mediums, NZTA’s brand remained hidden until the last scene of the video with a simple message “You only get one life.” The game was promoted through live gigs and gaming blogs and was designed well to ensure users stayed til the end. 1 in 6 NZ youth drivers experienced the game and in four months the game generated more than 715,000 Facebook shared “stream stories”.

See video below:

Campaign 2:

Another successful campaign was TinnyVision where NZTA worked with US-based Snapchat on targeting young New Zealand drug users. The focus of the campaign was to raise awareness of the risks driving under the influence of marijuana. The challenge lay in delivering a sensitive issue to an audience that doesn’t want to be reached. Many of these drivers actually think they’re safer when driving stoned, because they slow down. However slower reaction times can cause serious crashes. TinnyVision account was then created and promoted by various local websites. A series of funny ‘stoner snaps’ were sent to followers throughout the day. These were executed and directed realistically – down to the time of day they where sent. As followers viewed the videos they watched the stars of TinnyVision getting stoned and reactions getting slower. After ten snaps the boys head out in the car for some food – the driver reacts too slowly and hits a girl at a pedestrian crossing. Users are left in the dark with an incredibly shocking video but minutes later NZTA reveals themselves with a safety message – ‘Stoned drivers are slower to react’. The campaign received thousands of likes and hundreds of positive comments. It achieved its initial goal of reaching 7,500 of their audience and 95% of them watched the full series.

See video below:

Kelly Elcock, Creative Designer