Data, the differentiator.

We’re living in a ‘Big Data’ era, a time where the proliferation of data is bringing big opportunities to understand your customers and manage profitable, long-term relationships. Yet surprisingly, many businesses are continuing to make strategic decisions based on gut feelings and flawed human thinking. It won’t be long before data will be the difference, distinguishing those who use data in a strategic manner and those who are struggling to stay afloat. Marketers who use data to pull together a strategic view of marketing activities, specifically how these activities are contributing to the bottom line, will be the big winners in 2013.

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The Marketing Association’sSmarter Data’ conference is coming up on March 20, where you’ll learn how to successfully connect data touchpoints to increase customer loyalty, retention and advocacy. Plus for the first time, there’ll be a hugely topical (and fascinating) debate on whether the use of data is creepy or clever – how far is too far? Have your say on the poll here.

Author: Gabrielle Gillard