Creating a Buzz for Budweiser

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A couple of us from justONE recently attended the Direct Marketing Conference 2015. There was a broad range of speakers, covering some interesting areas of local and international marketing, with some great examples of work that has been in market recently.

Slade Sherman from Buzz not only had the coolest name, but also showed us some amazing campaigns and technology he and his Melbourne-based company has worked on with Budweiser.

Buzz won the Budweiser business with a bit of luck and then a lot of hard work, and as a consequence its results have been outstanding. In an effort to DISRUPT, ENGAGE & AMPLIFY, Buzz set about creating the first ever take-home Red Light, an icon of the ice hockey game in Canada and the U.S.

Canadians are huge ice hockey fans and take the sport extremely seriously (much like Kiwi’s with rugby). Budweiser wanted to deliver an experience to fans that was like being at the game. The innovative Budweiser Red Light was developed to use WiFi and a smartphone app that would trigger the flashing red light and siren to go off when a goal was scored by their team. This allowed all fans to celebrate like they were at the game too.

And here’s the kicker – all this success was gained by Budweiser, who is not even the official beer sponsor for the game! It was smart, different and incredibly effective in a market that is saturated by advertising trying to gain fans’ attention.

The results have been phenomenal and exceeded all expectations from both the client and the agency. The campaign was such a success it is being released into the U.S. market. Buzz has also worked on additional products/technologies that tie back to the original Red Light campaign.

The BUD-e FRIDGE can be described as a smart fridge for Bud fans. It cools your game beers to the optimum temperature, sends alerts when stock is getting low and will send you a message if your mates try and sneak a beer before game time. It’s every fan’s dream and ties back nicely to the Red Light.

All-in-all, very clever technology, personalising the fans’ game experience. Slade’s presentation was definitely a crowd pleaser.

Budweiser Red Light

Budweiser BUD-e Fridge

Slade Sherman, Head of Digital Strategy

Georgie Butler
Senior Account Manager