Bring it back to real life – could hologram advertisements be possible in the not too distant future?

The recent ‘hologram’ performance by deceased musician Tupac Shakur caused a huge stir on YouTube and social media sites.

Watch the performance

Through clever use of existing hologram technology, this main stage performance at Californian music festival Coachella floored a crowd of 75,000 fans.  So how did a much loved musician actually return to the stage? It wasn’t just a case of grabbing some old footage and projecting it! It reportedly took a full year to make a computer generation of Tupac’s Coachella performance which was a combination of motion capture and digital after effects to obtain his likeness.  His voice even had to be recreated in order for him to address the Coachella crowd personally.

As we try to get closer to our customers, fans and friends could we be seeing a rise of ‘hologram’ ads?  Can we bring the apparently intangible onto the street, on top of a building, suspended in the air?

For those who have the budget it might just be the show stopping new medium to get real cut through and talkability, as well as large amounts of free PR. Just imagine a larger than life ‘hologram’ of the All Blacks performing the haka within the Viaduct during the Rugby World Cup – that would have had an impact for sure!

Watch the performance

Author: Virginia Bashford – Music connoisseur and AE at justONE