Bloody legendary!

From April to June this year Farmlands Shareholders around the North Island spent like crazy on their Farmlands Card in an effort to win the Farmlands Legendary Party for their town. With ‘Danne-vegas’ Shareholders taking out the competition last year, there was even hotter competition this year for another town to secure it. In a very close final month, Te Awamutu Shareholders were victorious, just ahead of Morrinsville and Pukekohe.

Now as the name implies, the Legendary Party is no barnyard shindig with a few quiet ones and a barbie. We’re talking a full-blown, fully paid for, legendary hoedown for 500 farmers. The night included entertainment by the Topp Twins and Hamilton County Bluegrass Band, free locally catered food, and a fine selection of beer and wine. The ultimate night out!

We were lucky enough to be invited and had cracker of a time. The Topp Twins brought the party to life with their hilarious acts, the band had us jiving to some soulful country all night, and the beer, wine and food were not to be missed. Check out some of the photos here.

Author: Tom Hewlett is a party animal from way back.