Bespoke digital.

I attended a digital communications training session organised by the Clemenger Group a couple of weeks ago. It was packed full of really interesting and engaging content, but one discussion really caught my attention: how can we better engage audiences with digital mediums?

The fundamental function of digital is interaction and, with this in mind, we should seek effective ways to weave digital into our campaigns. As a creative, I’ve found more often than not that we simply squeeze content for a TVC into an email, or an entire website into a mobile app. There’s a missed opportunity here as people behave differently according to the medium they’re on.

For example, we have TV screens that are ‘social screens’- viewers are often in a social setting. Computers are ‘lean forward screens’ – this means viewers are focused and personal. Tablets are ‘lean back screens’- viewers are more often relaxed and browsing leisurely. And finally smartphones are ‘on foot screens’ – viewers are location aware, on the go and snacking on information. By understanding our audience’s behaviour and setting we can then target more appropriately.

A good example of how tailored content and design has been applied is McDonalds. The McDonalds mobile app is designed for someone who’s on the go and ready to order, its website is designed for a mother at home browsing with her kids, while its FB app is designed for someone causally browsing on their lunch break.

Let’s pull our audience into a conversation by engaging with them in the form that suits them best and avoid simply regurgitating the same content in every medium.

Author: Kelly Elcock, Graphic Designer

With thanks to McDonalds for the image.