An office in the clouds

Today it felt like we were up in the clouds. This is a picture of our view vs a shot taken by a friend of mine based in Milsons Point Sydney. As you can see, today wasn’t quite Auckland’s day but it was magic all the same!

One of the reasons I love our new office is we get to see everything. Rain clouds from the south, sparkling sunshine on the harbour, orange sunsets across the buildings in Newton. Sometimes if I squint hard enough I imagine that I’m in Portofino, sitting on my balcony with geraniums and an ice cold glass of Limoncello….

Anyway, enough daydreaming, if you’re ever in the area and you haven’t been to visit, we’d love to you come and say hi. Who knows, you might even arrive in time for a sunset and a glass of rose’.

Author: Nathalie Philippsen appreciates a good sunset and a crisp glass of rose’. On a good day both are enjoyed at justONE!