48 hours of furious filmmaking!

For the last 3 years I’ve been lucky enough to spend the entire weekend with a bunch of talented filmmakers – all hyped up on V energy drink and running on zero sleep with the ultimate goal of making movie magic in just 48hrs!

For those who don’t know about the whirlwind weekend that is The V48hours Furious Filmmaking Competition, it’s an opportunity for all sorts of filmmakers, from school kids to experienced professionals, to get together for a weekend and make a short film. Teams are given a genre, prop, line of dialogue and technical element to work into their films on the Friday night and must write, shoot, edit and add a musical soundtrack by the Sunday night.

The competition originally kicked off in 2003 with only 44 teams from Auckland. Steadily growing to become the country’s biggest film competition, this year was the 10th anniversary with over 800 teams competing nationwide.

Our team, Lense Flare, was given the challenge of making a one shot movie. This means we had to shoot our whole 7 minute short film in one take! The prop every team had to include was a leaf and the line of dialogue was “I did that.” Slightly impossible for a one shot movie, the technical element was slow motion (you may see our sneaky cut after the slow motion shot – don’t worry it’s all within the rules).

Our film, The Girl with the Clover Leaf Tattoo, was set in one house where the story flicks between a wild party and the morning after. This meant creating the illusion of daytime late on a Saturday night which involved one freezing member of our team standing in the rain outside the house swinging a massive light onto the windows of our lounge scene. After a long day of run-throughs, about 7 filmed takes, many drunk extras (paid in beer while filming) and some mildly hypothermic crew members it seemed all our hard work paid off when on 30th June we were named Grand Champion Runners Up!

Some of the judge’s (including Peter Jackson and Elijah Wood) comments are below. But what do you think?

“Part puzzle film, part deadpan comedy, incredibly engaging and frighteningly funny”
“A delightfully unique 48 hour film, told with wit and a wink.” 
“Everything about this short should make me hate it. But I don’t, in fact I love it to bits.”
“Outstanding technical achievement and excellent comedic timing.”

Author: Abbi is Associate Director of ‘The Girl with the Clover Leaf Tattoo’ & Senior Account Manager at justONE