justONE is New Zealand’s pre-eminent data-driven marketing, CRM and loyalty agency.

Our approach.

In this new age of advertising, there are four fundamentals that shape the way we approach our work.


We’ll help you drive highly measurable activity through leveraging marketing technology.


We don’t believe in ‘matching luggage’. Instead we use each channel in a highly focused way.

How we do it.

Underpinning these four fundamentals is a set of guiding principles around delivery, budget, strategic thinking, attention to detail and effective creativity. We believe they produce a great outcome for our clients.


We’ll support your customers’ journeys by developing new and creative ways to interact.


Evidenced by a raft of local and international direct marketing and effectiveness awards in our trophy cabinet.

Our Services

justONE was established in 2006 and has since grown to become New Zealand’s leading data driven marketing, CRM and loyalty marketing agency. Here’s a summary of our expertise.

CRM Strategy

By identifying and understanding the milestones and moments of truth throughout the customer journey, we help clients design CRM programmes to pre-empt or react to these triggers, creating an optimised customer experience.

Data Strategy

From optimising the way data is captured and stored, to understanding how to use that data to influence behaviour, we help clients get the most out of the information they obtain and hold.

Data Analytics and Processing

Increasingly, having a robust approach to data analytics and efficient processing will drive more dynamic results. This allows campaigns to evolve in realtime as systems (and people) learn what is working and calibrate around this. Our data analytics resources can support what are almost always unique data situations.

Marketing Technology

Data driven marketing is seeing the spawning of a myriad of systems to support it including marketing automation, digital media platforms and social tools. Our expertise includes running RFPs on behalf of clients, through to managing systems on a daily basis, and providing realtime data feedback on activity and results.


Customers are never far from their mobile phones, so they represent an important channel for 1-1 engagement. From mobile optimisation to strategic app recommendations, we help clients connect with the device that’s closest to their customers’ hearts.

Smart Content

‘Content is king’ and it’s also evolving rapidly and reducing in cost. We can help in developing smartly targeted, relevant video content which is designed to maximise viewing environments such as Facebook and YouTube, including smart digital overlays allowing users to interact with the content.

Loyalty Best Practice

Loyalty isn’t just about points and rewards. We work with clients to understand the business problem (pure retention, greater share of wallet, up-sell/cross-sell, etc.) and help them design a loyalty approach to address it, from scratch.

eDM and DM Management

The devil is in the detail, so we take complete ownership when managing complex 1-1 campaigns for clients – from liaising with multiple suppliers, to creating and checking complex data rules – so our clients know their campaigns are being managed by experts.

Social Strategy and Management

We can work with you to leverage social channels to amplify your campaign messages, drive engagement and as a funnel for new customers. We use listening tools and dashboards to measure what’s resonating.

Programmatic Digital

The new age of advertising is nowhere more alive than in digital advertising – systems are optimising on the fly. We can help by developing strategies with our media partners and delivering hyper-variable creative elements to drive targeted adaptive messaging.

Creative Development

1-1 and digital channels provide unique creative opportunities but are very different to traditional above-the-line media, so specialisation is vital across all campaign channels. Our creative, design and production team specialise in big ideas that get results, with particular emphasis on personalisation, message hierarchy and a strong call to action, relevant to the channel.

Triggered Communication Programmes

We specialise in designing and optimising ‘set and forget’ programmes that are efficient and effective. For many clients this involves reviewing all existing triggered communications to ensure they are being maximised and aligned with business objectives.

Our Awards

Creating brilliantly engaging ideas that motivate customers to change their behaviour is what drives us. Having those ideas judged against New Zealand’s and the world’s best, and to consistently come out on top, is testament to the bravery and vision of our clients.


Agency of the Year


Global Retail Loyalty Awards


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Bronze Awards

Leadership Team

Hugely experienced, incredibly smart, brilliantly creative and irrepressibly passionate about what they do, this is the team you want working on your business. It simply doesn’t get any better.