Every year there are more sources of information being created by more people, in increasingly larger and more detailed formats. But having all this data doesn’t always mean you can make great decisions to grow your business. You need an expert partner who can help you turn data into insight, and insight into action.

ONEview can help you

ONEview makes sense of your data by helping you obtain a view of customers and their behaviour. This can involve harmonising your data to get to a single customer view, and new ways to look at your information using the latest data visualisation tools. Our methodology includes using data as a valuable planning insight, and shaping our insights and creative solutions using the data. Fundamentally, it’s about unlocking the data so it can make a difference to your business.

Data strategy

From optimising the way data is captured and stored, to understanding how to use that data to influence behaviour, we help clients get the most out of the information they obtain and hold.

Data analytics and processing

Increasingly, having a robust approach to data analytics and efficient processing will drive more dynamic results. This allows campaigns to evolve in realtime as systems (and people) learn what is working and calibrate around this. Our data analytics resources can support what are almost always unique data situations.

Data Warranted

justONE is accredited on the Marketing Association Data Warranty Registry and has a ‘Data Warranted’ accreditation. This means personal information from client organisations is treated with respect and privacy, in compliance with New Zealand best practice standards with data.