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Speedwall is an innovative building system that was originally devised as a commercial building solution for constructing internal and external non-load bearing walls where noise and fire regulations demand high performance.

With its excellent noise and fire protection, as well as added security, Speedwall is also ideal for multi-unit dwellings like apartment blocks.

Our task was to introduce this solution to the multi-unit residential building sector that had previously been largely unaware of its existence. Badly burned by the ‘leaky building’ dramas, multi-unit residential builders are also very conservative and risk averse in their choice of products. We had to overcome this significant barrier.

The results

With a ‘door-buster’ dimensional DM piece to key decision makers within targeted group home building companies, we opened the door to the Speedwall sales team with remarkable results:

  • 100% of our targets accepted a follow-up phone call (previously none would accept or return calls)
  • 80% agreed to a meeting, resulting in total revenue of $2,170,000!
  • ROI of $156:$1.


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