Farmlands Party of the Year

About the Project

Getting playful with sales promotion



Farmlands wanted to promote use of their charge card, Farmlands Card, across its network of 3,000 Card Partner retailers.

With a softening retail environment, plus a small budget to be stretched across a traditionally slow three-month sales period, we had our work cut out to deliver a campaign that could drive a strong sales result.

So we set out to create a different sort of promotion, one that would drive a step change in sales. There were two key insights that drove our approach: firstly, engaging Farmlands branch staff in promoting use of Farmlands Card at other retailers (it isn’t needed in Farmlands branches) is tough; and secondly, rural people have strong engagement with their local community. We harnessed these insights to create our campaign idea of ‘Party of the Year’ – to be won by a local Farmlands store and its customers, harnessing the enthusiasm of branch staff, customers and the community.

The results

  • Sales were up significantly over the same period the previous year and blitzed the general retail sales averages.
  • Branches embraced it big time with most up at least 10% and many much more than that.
  • Extremely high sales ROI.

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